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Mathieu Keuter
Tall tales / Grote verhalen
HC, 21,5 x 30,5 cm., 96 pp.
Noorderlicht 2009

"The work of Mathieu Keuter (b. 1978) can be called romantic, and has everything to do with his unusual way of life. He is constantly searching for adventure in 'the other', the marginal. He moves in a marvellous world of gangsters, squatters, reggae, graffiti and other rough things and people, and has a talent for transforming chance encounters and events into something very special, a form of literature. He records these real-life fairy-tales with his camera, writing a personal history in images as he goes. At the same time he investigates their effects and use. By employing various techniques, an overdose of images and different forms of presentation he is able to carry the beholder along into his own cosmos, the universe of the intrepid master of the art of living, Mathieu Keuter." (Borealis)
Design: Hans Miedema


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