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The PhotoBook Museum.goes Krakow. Follow TRACK -22!
Zapraszamy na Spotkanie mistrzowskie z Markusem Schadenem, dyrektorem @[242740019213418:274:The PhotoBook Museum.] The PhotoBookMuseum – muzeum XXI wieku Misją muzeum jest promowanie fotoksiążek jako niezależnego medium artystycznego. The more...
Now on ! ONS de Sébastien Van Malleghem le livre
KissKissBankBank est leader Européen du crowdfunding dédié à la création et l’innovation internationale.
Northbound. The PhotoBookMuseum -Containers will travel to Oslo in September 2015! Yeah!
SOS EMERGENCY ROOM ...Call for entries. CheckIn now !
Peter Galassi : Work of art are facts.
Peter Galassi, the former chief curator of photography at MOMA, came to Gothenburg for an artist’s talk on the occasion of An-My Lê’s first Nordic exhibition last Saturday. Objektiv invited six people from the photo scene to ask him one question each. Kjersti Solbakken, director of Fotogalleriet,…
The work of true artists resembles the artists themselves—sometimes to the very end. This is what we’re telling ourselves once again today upon hearing the news of the premature death of Lars Tunjbjörk at the age of 59. Like many others of his generation, he started out working for the daily pres...
SOS EMERGENCY ROOM ...Call for entries. CheckIn now !
SOS EMERGENCY ROOM ...Call for entries. CheckIn now !
RIP Sascha Weidner 1976-2015
RIP Lars Tunbjörk (59)
The great swedish photographer and photobook lover Lars Tunbjörk died with 59. We will miss you and : We love Boras!
Good Bye Carlswerk !
TRACK 22 PhotoBooks on Conflicts . Curated by The PhotoBook Museum. In Krakow ! Welcome
The PhotoBookMuseum and Krakow Photomonth present: TRACK-22 Photobooks on Conflicts curated by Markus Schaden/The PhotoBookMuseum (scroll down for polish version !) The exhibition project TRACK-22 focuses on conflict as an omnipresent and more...
Ausflug / Tour ! Go Gent with the Photoszene ...
Die Photoszene Köln bietet in diesem Frühjahr einen Ausflug zum S.M.A.K nach Gent/Belgien an. Zeitlich parallel zur Ausstellung im Kunstmuseum Bonn ist dort noch bis Ende Mai eine große Larry-Sultan-Retrospektive zu sehen. Der deutschsprachige more...
Workshop Time with Master Wolfgang Zurborn!
Wolfgang Zurborn explaining his new Book at The PhotoBook Museum.-Lichtblick Workshop!
On Daido On indiegogo !
An Homage by international photographers & writers on the Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!
TRACK 22 - PhotoBooks on Conflicts - Curated by Markus Schaden/The PhotoBookMuseun for Miesiąc Fotografii w Krakowie / Photomonth in Krakow. May/June 2015 .