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Dummy Award 2016 – Shortlist Jury
We are happy to announce the Photobook Dummy Award 2016 Shortlist Jury: Eva Gravayat (Curator, Berlin), Klara Källström (B-B-B-Books, Stockholm), Thobias Fäldt (B-B-B-Books, Stockholm), Jeffrey Ladd (Photographer, Cologne), Frederic Lezmi (Photographer, ThePhotoBookMuseum, Cologne), Markus Schaden (The PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne), Richard Reisen (Verlag Kettler, k-books, Bönen), Dieter Neubert (Fotobookfestival, Kassel). The jury will meet Saturday 21. May. The shortlist will be announced on Monday 23. May. Registrations are open until 15. May!
Making Heimat
The Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) has been chosen to stage an exhibition entitled: “Making Heimat. Germany, Arrival Country” in the German Pavilion at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2016. “The current refugee situation is part of a massive worldwide flow of migrants. It leads people fr…
Arles 2016 Call# BOOK AWARDS
Wolfgang Tillmans on BREXIT
Istanbul Final Call . PhotoBook MasterClass Closing Party tonight ! Come and see 12 brandnew dummy's
Frederic Lezmi ve Markus Schaden'le beraber keyifli bir atöyle sonucu ortaya çıkan dummy bookları görmek ve biraz takılmak için hepinizi Fuam'a bekliyoruz. Not: Gelirken içeceğinizi getirin We'd like to see you in Fuam for the dummy books made after amusing workshop with Frederic Lezmi and Markus Schaden. Note:Please bring your drinks with you.
In Memory of Malick Sidibe
Tribute to Malick Sidibé
Great Guys ! Great Project ! ZOOPARK
ZOOPARK #1, the independent photography magazine PRE-ORDER NOW! And now it starts! Today we're officially launching the pre-order campaign for the Zoopark magazine #1, Second Edition! This edition features a new binding and a new design, more...
Yeni web sitemiz açıldı!! Our new web site is online! Thanks for Annalisa Brambilla for the cover photo :)
Henk Wildschut » Calais – From Jungle to City
From April, Foam will present the exhibition Calais - From Jungle to City by photographer Henk Wildschut (b. Harderwijk, the Netherlands, 1967). Close to the seaport of Calais in France, the heart of democratic Europe, a parallel world has existed for ten years. Here refugees from Africa and the Mid…
Hard Light
After three fantastic editions, Reed Exhibitions France and Paris Photo announce the closing of Paris Photo Los Angeles at Paramount Pictures Studios. We thank our exhibitors, partners, and our loyal public for their enthusiasm and support. We look forward to welcoming you at the Grand Palais in Par…
The legendary FOTOBUCHQUARTETT :Next Friday Back in Cologne !
CONCORDIA by Jonathan Danko Kielkowski – pre-order now!
Übergang by Josef Schulz
With everything that's been happening in Europe lately and the EU struggling to cope with the biggest wave of migrants and refugees its ever known, it's interesting to discover Polish photographer Josef...
We’re 15 years into the new millennium, but our museums don’t seem to be aware. They’re stuck in the late 20th century, the Arrogant Age, with its love of gigantism in architecture and art.
When, and how, will art institutions step up to the challenges of global migration and seismic change in cultural frames of reference? Museums need to experiment.
Negatives by Xu Yong

Of all the books this year, Xu Yong's Negatives may be the best. The images in this unusual photobook are, in fact, photographic negatives taken 25 years ago, during the much-censored Tiananmen Square Protests in Beijing, China. To “properly” view the series' images, one must utilize another lens—whether on your smartphone or camera—and invert the colors to "develop" your own positive result.

Xu Yong borrows the negative image from photographic plates to remind us that the Tiananmen massacre is still forbidden from public discourse by the Chinese government and that the commemoration of this unbearable reality is proscribed even today

This is a smart hybrid work that allows us to think through a well-known topic in a very original way. By combining the physicality of the printed page with the possibilities of electronic devices, Yong offers a different yet amazing experience. This is both a brave statement of political support and an investigation in the ongoing taboos of China's history. Thank you for sharing Xu Yong!

Selection and review by Markus Schaden, Publisher, Director, The PhotoBook Museum
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