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Paul Fusco
RFK Funeral Train
SC 29 x 18,5 cm o.pp.
Umbrage 2000

Vier Stunden dauerte die letzte Reise des Robert F. Kennedy im Juni 1968. Auf dem RFK Funeral Train befand sich das MAGNUM Mitglied Paul Fusco, der die entlang der Bahnstrecke von New York bis Washington D.C. salutierenden und kondolierenden Amerikaner ins Visier nahm. Ein Dokument, das auch 30 Jahre danach mitten ins Mark trifft.

These emotional photographs are a profound record of one of the defining moments of the twentieth century. On June 8th, 1968, hundreds of thousands of people stood patiently in the searing heat to watch his funeral train travel slowly from NY to Washington. D.C., just as Abraham Lincoln's had, 103 years before. This spontaneous show of shock and grief was in tribute to RFK's raw empathy, his determination to make American's lives better, in his insistence that the government is answerable to all- black and white, rich and poor. Paul Fusco photographed the silent, mourning crowds from the passing train. The result, brougt to light over thirty-years later, is a moving snaphot of America at a crucial moment of transition.


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