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Raymond Meeks
Sound of Summer Running
HC 25 x 29,5 cm.
Nazraeli 2005

"Summer is a time we like to remember as glorious, endless, carefree and full of warmth from a sun that is always shining. Perhaps in our minds we see summer days playing forward in sepia hues,flowing gently as if on a reel of old cine film. Raymond Meeks has captured all of this in a collection of photographs that move from first image to last in a way that is soft and intimate but never once loses momentum. But these are not bland, generic pictures to flick through and put on one side; Meeks succeeds in soothing and stimulating the senses in equal measure. Whether his lens is focused on children playing or adults in contemplation,flora and fauna or simply beautiful landscapes, the pleasure never waivers. This is the photograph album that we would feel privileged to call our own ? and like a favorite album it will be taken out and looked at time and time again. Published in an edition of 1,000 copies, this gorgeous monograph is printed in duotone on matt art paper and bound in Japanese cloth. Sound of Summer Running is the first book on the work of this highly talented photographer, who lives and works in Idaho. Texts by Rick Bass and Forrest Gander." - Nazraeli


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