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Todd Hido
Landscape Photographs 1994 - 2004
HC 36 x 32 cm.
Nazraeli 2004

Diesmal im Breitformat! Nach "House Hunting" und "Outskirts" jetzt der dritte Band von Todd Hido.

"The work appears arrestingly different than that in Todd Hido's previous two monographs. It is as if, having spent so many nights outside the eerie, brightly lit suburban tract homes featured in 'House Hunting' and 'Outskirts', he has suddenly put his foot on the gas pedal and driven into the next day. But these landscapes continue Hido's mastery in portraying the most mundane scenes with a menacing air of expectancy. These unpeopled pictures, often taken through a car windshield, are so effective in creating tension they might almost have been staged. But in fact they are taken as seen. The telegraph poles, the straggling tree, the road leading nowhere are all exactly as encountered by Hido as he drove through Eastern Washington State, the California Central Valley, Indiana, South Louisiana and beyond" Chris Pichler, NZ


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