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Gerard Petrus Fieret
Foto en Copyright by G.P. Fieret - Volume 2
SC, 24 x 33,5 cm., 160 pp. - lang.:dutch
/ french / english
Voetnoot 2010

"Self-taught photographer Gerard P. Fieret photographed every aspect of the life around him, from himself to children, animals, street scenes and, most commonly, women. Fieret's emotions and experiences are the central reference point of his work, while his complex printing techniques and copyright marks became an unmistakeable part of his images. Volume 1 of this title, published in 2004 to commemorate Fieret's 80th birthday, is now sold out and a collectible object. Volume 2, compiled from the rich collection of the Hague Museum of Photography, contains some 160 works that are being published for the first time."


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