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Thomas Demand, Christy Lange (Essay)
La Carte d'apres Nature (Ed. francaise)
Mit Fotografien von Thomas Demand, Tacita Dean, Rodney Graham, Luigi Ghirri, Saadane Afif, Kudjo Affutu, Becky Beasley, Martin Boyce, Ger van Elk, Chris Garofalo, Leon Gimpel, Henrik Hakansson, Anne Holtrop, August Kotzsch, René Magritte, Robert Mallet-Stevens, Jan& Joel Martel
HC, 23 x 27 cm., 144 pp. + Facsimile-booklet
"La ragione della Natura " (1986)
Mack 2010

The Katalogue of Nouveau Mus'e National de Monaco, designed by Thomas Demand and Naomi Misuzaki, takes Margritte's notion of free association further, combining the wide range of works into an elaborate exploration of the disjuncture between the representation of art and the representation itself. Christy Lange's engaging essay traces this idea that a representation of nature is always a simulacrum through the work of the different artists, for example, relating the surrealist resonance of Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri's 'impossible landscapes' to Margritte's playful canvases and Demand's photographs of his paper sculptures. Texts by Tacita Dean, Rodney Graham, Luigi Ghirri and Thomas Demand are threaded through the segue of images and the object is completed with a second book housed in an envelope neatly built into the back endpaper of the catalogue, a facsimile of a Luigi Ghirri manuscript for a small book of photographs.


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