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Karianne Bueno
Leporello in HC, 21,5 x 26 cm.
Bueno 2011

Perhaps you already know that I am working on a new book, Haiiro.
Haiiro, which means grey or greyish in Japanese, is an artistic account of the longing for elsewhere, and a search for grip in a strange world. 

The book will be published this November. (...) To collect money for the publication I made a special edition of 25. The edition consists of a pigment printed leporello with 13 photographs and an English text and a take-out digital C-print (choice of 5 different). The leporello and the print come in a handmade linen sleeve. The 'regular' edition will be an offset printed leporello with a black&white sleeve.

"Today is the longest day. I fly over frozen lakes to a country that does not exist. Below me vast plains, mountains, black sea. They glide past me slowly, like a map. Meandering glacial rivers flow from rugged summits. Empty seashores, cumulus clouds. Bering Strait.
A Japanese girl is asleep next to me. Her face framed in glossy black hair and turned slightly towards me as if she had just wanted to tell me something. The eyebrows are arches of innocence. Eyes closed, lips slightly parted. Her pale skin seems translucent. She is as still as water on an overcast day. Only her hand twitches, in a dream."


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