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Jeffrey Silverthorne
Travel Plans
SC, 24 x 29,5 cm., o.pp.
Aurora Borealis 2011

Ein sperriges Werk - künstlerisch sehr interessante Seelenschau.

"When you want to find out something about someone, the first step is to turn to the net. There you will find that Jeffrey Silverthorne is mainly known for taking pictures of death and nudity. Can acquiring knowledge be that simple, honest and direct? Shouldn't there be something more on a man who has been crafting a body of work that spans over forty years of his life?
What if you were to embark on a journey to explore mortality. Would you find yourself in a morgue, a whorehouse or a studio trying to find answers to life's questions? Probably not, but this man does. Have you ever considered travel plans like these? How fortunate that some people act on their curiosity and share their trouble reading the guidebooks of life, their difficulty or refusal to follow the suggestions, and take a lead in trying to grasp what isn't there. If you were to believe your curiosity to be no other than healthy, though sometimes misplaced, wouldn't you want your answers to be simple, honest and direct?" (Klappentext)


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