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Wu Hung, Christopher Phillips
Between Past and Future
New Photography and Video from China
Mit Fotografien von Ai Weiwei, An Hong, Bai Yiluo, Cang Xin, Cao Fei, Chen Lingyang, Chen Shaoxiong, Cui Xiuwen, Feng Feng, Feng Mengbo, Gao Brothers, Gu Dexin, Hai Bo, Hong Hao, Hong Lei, Hu Jieming, Huang Yan, Jiang Zhi, Sze Tsubg Leong, Li Tianyuan, Li Wei, Lin Tianmiao, Liu Jian, Zhao Qin, Liu Wei, Liu Zheng, Luo Yongjin, Ma Liuming, Mia Xiaochun, Mo Yi, Qiu Zhije, Rong Rong, Sheng Qi, Song Dong, Wang Gongxin, Weng Fen, Yang Fudong, u.a.
HC 25,5 x 28 cm.
ICP / Steidl 2004

This book is the first to consider the outpouring of photo-based art created in China since the mid-1990s. Ambitious in scale and experimental in nature, these works reflect the turn toward media-based art that characterizes the 'next generation' of younger Chinese artists. In addition to fostering a new understanding of contemporary Chinese art, "Between Past and Future" also provokes fresh and timely insights into the dynamics of Chinese culture in the 21st century.


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