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Tim Davis
My Life In Politics
HC 30 x 25 cm.
Aperture 2006

Tim Davis describes his work as follows: "I am a photographer who sees unintended derangements of objects in offices, hospitals, strip malls and the political sphere." My Life in Politics is Davis's treatise on the state of contemporary politics in the United States - politics as a banality that has become aestheticized and abstracted from real issues of power. As Peter Eeley, of Frieze magazine, states, "What if campaign signs, badges, bumper stickers and flags aren't simply the ephemera of Americans' political lives, but their substance as well? That this phenomenon finds resonance in photography?s arm's length access to its subjects makes My Life in Politics deeply sad and grand at the same time." Throughout the images presented in this volume, freedom of expression is exhibited at its most casual and cursory, with political, commercial, and populist signage jostling for space and attention in the social landscape.


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