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Guy Davenport, Ralph Eugene Meatyard
Ralph Eugene Meatyard
Steidl 2005

"Meatyard understood children, appreciating, in particular, their charming ungainliness and poignant posturing. But he did not idealize them, romanticize their surroundings, or make trite observations about youth and decay. What becomes of them once they enter the lush ruins of the adult world? Meatyard's best images, as Davenport suggests, resemble short stories that have never been written. They seem full of hints and whispers, like the murmurings of fate; each lapidary detail has symbolic import. At the edge of one image, a small boy stands in shadowy profile. Three richly detailed old doors hang ajar in front of him. The door closest to the boy is the plainest, the one in the center has a mysterious luminosity, the last seems to be the darkest. The doors could represent choices to be made, or, perhaps, foretell the evolution of his life. Or maybe they're just beautiful rectangular forms. In Meatyard's shadowy work, the future is never finally resolved, or not in a way that we can fully read." New York Metro

Lang ausstehend: Ein gut gedruckter, umfassender Katalog über diesen geheimnisvollen Fotografen. Neben dem "Familyalbum of Lucybelle Crater" werden hier viele Bilder und Serien zum ersten Mal gezeigt.


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