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Diane Arbus
Familiy Album
SC, 23,5 x 28 cm., o.pp.
Yale University Press 2003

Diane Arbus: Family Albums examines unknown contact sheets from several of Arbus?s portrait sessions, including more than three hundred photographs she took of a New York family one weekend in 1969. Anthony W. Lee and John Pultz put to the test Arbus?s claim that she was developing a ?family album.? They present other images Arbus shot for Esquire magazine (including pictures of the families of Ricky Nelson, Jayne Mansfield, and Ogden Reid) and discuss her interest in photographic groupings of both traditional and alternative families. Challenging common interpretations of Arbus, the authors reveal a photographer far more savvy with the camera, more aware of photography as an artistic and commercial practice, and more sensitive to the social and cultural tensions of the 1960s than has been acknowledged before.


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