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Satoru Toma
Ask the cat
Bruxelles - Limites
HC, 28,5 x 22,5 cm., 88 pp., 42 color plates,
Trilingual: Frz.-Engl.-Jap.
Le caillou bleu 2011

Könnten wir es von Katzen aus erster Hand erfahren - vielleicht würden wir die gleichen Bilder vor Augen haben, wie sie Satoru Toma im Umland von Brüssel gefunden hat. Neben den Fotografien ist im Anhang auch ein Interview mit Toma zu lesen. Ein wunderschöner Pappeinband rundet das Buch gekonnt ab. - Ein Interview mit Toma ist hier zu sehen:

"'Bruxelles - Limites' is a photographic project about the edges of the city?s territory. Since his arrival in Brussels, Toma has travelled all around the city. In addition to his daily journeys, he methodically explored various districts, travelling from his home towards the city?s limits. He began by photographing the borders of the commune of Anderlecht, then, with the help of a map of the Brussels-Capital Region, he extended his research and discovered ceaselessly-changing realities located next to each other: fashionable districts, deprived areas, abandoned industrial sites, villages, open fields and forests.
Toma spent nine months walking, observing and getting a sense of these spaces. (...) The project forms a continuity with his personal opus, whose recurring theme is asking questions about spaces. The photographer is interested in spaces whose status is unclear and unspecified, and which are becoming more and more rare. These spaces naturally evoke for him elements of his environment in Japan." (contretype)


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