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Trine Sondergaard, Nicolai Howalt
How to Hunt
HC, 35 x 30,5 cm., 116 pp.
Hatje Cantz 2010

"Hunting today can be seen as a ritualized performance of something that was once a basic human need. It?s also a classical theme of art history, from cave paintings to the Renaissance. We wanted to locate this historical theme in a modern context, where ? at least in the affluent post-industrial West ? it can be seen as a symbol of ?the good life? and the longing for some kind of authentic relationship to nature.
This thread is central to How to Hunt. There?s no blood, no guts ? the kill itself is not in focus. Just as modern society chooses to elide the actual reality of slaughter, so our images are an aestheticised rendition of the hunt, reflecting its recreative rather than essential nature." (Artist's statement)


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