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Rinko Kawauchi
HC, 23,5 x 30 cm., o.pp. - 2nd Ed. with dustjacket
Foil 2006

"From the black ocean comes the appearance of light and waves. It helps you imagine birth. I want imagination in the photographs I take. It's like a prologue. You wonder, 'What's going on?' You feel something is going to happen." Rinko Kawauchi

"Rinko Kawauchi captures with her camera the details of everyday life that are all too easily missed by the busy passer-by?a faucet dripping water, the crack in a watermelon, a spoon full of tapioca. Seen through the wellattuned eyes of the artist, these ordinary objects and occurrences take on another character; they become charged with beauty, poetry and emotion. Kawauchi assembles her photographs in sequences, creating subtle, open-ended narratives that she publishes in the form of books. Juxtaposing her images in a way that reveals unexpected conflations of forms, moods or atmospheres, she encourages us to engage with the infinite wonders of the world.

Consisting primarily of images of nature, the photographs from AILA (from the Turkish word aile meaning "family"), published in 2004, celebrate the awe-inspiring essence of life. Kawauchi captures the limitless diversity of nature?hives of insects, matrices of fish eggs, dewdrops, waterfalls, rainbows?while emphasizing the limited time all creatures have on earth." Kunstaspekte

"Mit ihren 33 Jahren gehört diese Künstlerin bereits zu den einflussreichsten Stimmen in der zeitgenössischen Fotografie. Ihre ebenso beunruhigenden wie schönen Bilder schwanken zwischen kindlicher Leichtigkeit und Albtraumhaftigkeit." Arte


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