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John Gossage, Kris Douglas (Preface)
Newspaper Style in plastic bag, 57 x 32 cm.,
80 pp., Ltd. Ed. of 500 copies
Rochester Art Center 2010

John Gossage focuses his photographic eye on Rochester, Minnesota in a project commissioned by the city's art center. The Rochester Art Center writes:
"Since the 1960s, John Gossage has created photographs that are poetic, dark evocations of the edges of cities and the suburban, placeless landscape. In these extended projects, which have included Berlin (during the time of "The Wall"), Superfund sites, and the greater reaches of Washington D. C., Gossage has turned his camera to the forgotten, neglected and overlooked elements of the spaces which we pass through and sometimes inhabit...The completed series forms an entirely new body of work, which comprises this exhibition, and begins to tell a unique story of our city, its people, and our environment." - In black and white.


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