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Stephen Gill
Hackney Wick : Special edition
HC in slipcase, 22 x 23 cm., with one print.
Nobody 2005

Im Eigenverlag gerade erschienen und nur bei uns zu bekommen! Das wunderschöne neue Buch von Stephen Gill. Aufgenommen mit einer 50 cent Kamera auf dem Flohmarkt Hackney Wick an der Stadtgrenze von London.

Camille de Toledo writes "We need a new romance with our eyes open, we need to disregard cynicism against our helpfulness in modern society." This is may well be the idea also to be found in Stephen Gill's new book, that is approbiately selfpublished, published by Nobody, in the Archive of modern Conflict. The pictures, having been taken at Hackney Wick flea market outside of London, elicit this friendly irony, this romance in places where nobody would seek it, in places of conflict and neglect. With a beautiful inlay in collaboration with Laure Prouvost.


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