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Charlotte Dumas
Map, 24 x 33 cm.,10 portraits (print size:
32 x 42 cm), Ltd. Ed. to 700 copies - Special ed. on request
Dumas 2010

The stunning new book, Repose, that appears with the exhibition of the same title at FO.KU.S Foto Kunst Stadtforum, Innsbrück and Julie Saul Gallery, New York, contains ten portraits of wolves, horses, dogs and tigers that Dumas has encountered in with her camera since 2005. Including portraits from the series Reverie, Palermo 7, Tiger Tiger, Heart shaped Hole, Heart of a Dog and of her most recent work Parade.

The images selected are printed in outstanding quality and impressively large size. The pages are inter-folded as loose sheets making it possible to view them as separate centerfolds. A full color index of portraits from each series presented prominently lines the inside the cover that firmly encases the work.

A limited edition of 100 copies is available, especially including one of two unique offset printed images; India 2007 or Vittorio Emanuele 2008.


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