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John Darwell
dark days
HC 25 x 23 cm., 194 pp.
Dewi Lewis 2007

Sechs Jahre nach Ausbruch des mad cow disease erscheint mit "dark days" ein fotografischer Bericht über die Schutzmaßnahmen á la homeland security, die Angst und diejenigen, die die schmutzige Arbeit verrichten. Ein erschütternes Dokument und wichtiges Fotobuch in der Tradition der social reportage.

"This work produced around my home on the north side of the English Lake District looks at the Foot and Mouth epidemic that swept through the UK in 2001 and became one of the most devastating and significant events to affect the British countryside within living memory, the aftershock of which will continue to shape the future of the countryside for decades to come. The images look to all affected areas from the Lake District fells closed to walkers to the measures farmers went to in order to keep people away from their farms for fear of infection, to the destruction of millions of farm animals and onto the now notorious pyres. The work then continues by recording the extraordinary efforts undertaken by farmers to eradicate the virus from their buildings; and finally the third part of the work looks at the aftermath of the disease and the gradual reopening of the countryside whilst asking questions about the future of the agricultural economy as more and more farms were put up for sale." John Darwell -


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