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Korrie Besems
A contrived Past
SC, 21,5 x 34,5 cm., o.pp.
Epsiode 2009

"Besems shows how this 'mental picture' of an idyllic Hollland seamlessly meets with the articificial manner in which we manipulate our landscape. Give people what they want, seems to be the credo of the neotraditionalist (or neo-romantic) project developers, and what the Dutch people seem to crave is endless copies of Vermeer-like streets, identical rows of Dudok-style houses, blazing white 'colonial style' villas and even 'reborn' versions of post war architecture from the fifties. (...) Publishers did a wonderful job in chosing the right size and graphic format for Korrie's work. The book is large yet easy in the handling due to its unusual portrait size. The large format photographs, in Korrie's typical rather cool but saturated color palette, each fill out an entire page spread. Each image is followed by a page spread in a uniform beige printed with a single line of a poem by Ingmar Heytze. These in-between pages serve as a kind of backing to the photographs, preventing the image from showing through on the next page. Text is there, but tastefully placed at the back of the book, as it should be with many photographic publications, and takes the shape of an essay on the rise of this odd neo-traditionalist architecture, with which the country is flooded since the last decade or so." (Mrs. Deane)


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