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John Lambrichts
Oeverlangen aan de Maas
HC, 23 x 28,5 cm., o.pp. s/w analog pictures
Ipso facto 2011


Mein Überraschungsbuch des herbstlichen Sommers... (Ric)

"Oeverlangen by the Meuse is the result of the many musing trips I made in the past three years along both sides of the rapidly changing Border Meuse. The pictures are a tribute to the river and the native soil of the local people. They preserve an atmosphere that is disappearing or they recall it. When I was a child, the river Meuse left a deep impression on me as a natural barrier with the foreign country of Belgium. Accompanied by my mother I went swimming in the Meuse. I also went fishing there with my father, a fanatic sport fisherman. During both activities, my imagination was stimulated by the other side, which seemed very far away, especially at high water during the winter ..." (John Lambrichts)